Stepanovich Znamensky (Starogyl)

Russia • 1883−1892

Biography and information

The son of Stepan Yakovlevich sign, Yalutorovsk priest, close friend of the Decembrists, who were in exile in Tobolsk and Yalutorovsk. A graduate of the Decembrists, he studied at the school established by I. D. Yakushkina, and then in Yalutorovsk district school and in the Tobolsk theological Seminary. In 1853 he graduated from the Petersburg exemplary theological Seminary, returned to Tobolsk, where he served as an art teacher at the Tobolsk theological Seminary and the Mariinsky girls ' school. Collaborated in the magazines "spark", "Painter", etc. showing the talent of a caricaturist.

In the literary heritage M. S. Znamensky of particular importance are the memoirs of works devoted to the Decembrists: "Disappeared" (1872), "Tobolsk in the forties" (1870), "Childhood among the Decembrists, Ivan Dmitrievich Yakushkin," etc.

In 1860-1880. M. S. Znamenskii is engaged in study of local lore and Ethnography, writes essays, "Tobolsk and its surroundings", "Isker", "Chuvash Cape".

He died and was buried in Tobolsk Logjam at the cemetery next to the Decembrists.