Ivanovich Kazachinsky (Kozachinsky)

Russia • 1774−1814

1774-10-6 - 1814-12-8

A graduate of the Academy of arts from 1779 to 1794, In 1793, he received 2 silver medals; in 1794 issued with a certificate of 2 degrees and a sword. Was an engraver at the map Depot. Engraver cutter.


6 Oct. 1774, mind. 8 Dec. 1814 (Smith); son Pochtamtskaya bookbinder; enrolled as a student of the Academy of arts in 1789; 31 Dec. 1793 received 2nd silver medal for full-scale pattern (5th age); studied at Klauber; 21 Oct 1794 released by the artist of the 2nd degree; worked y Koshkina; served in Depot cards (1816). His works are: 1. "The reception of ambassadors SugarScape owner: Drew g. Deville. Grave. A. Kozachinsky". 17.4? x 26.4. Engraved for the description of the coronation of the Emperor. Catherine II, but remained unpublished. — Cm. Kolpashnikov. 2. "A Virtuous Roman Woman. Grav. with maps. 5. who. academic A. kazachinskaya . Wrote..." (erased). 11.1 x 10.2. AK. hood. 3. SV. Pope Francis: "The Graves. Kazan. 5 C. Kazachinskaya "; in sheet. A copy of the foreign prints*. 4. The landscape, left the house for the trees; to the right, the river; to the shore moored boat with swimmers: "Graves. Acad. Hood. Kazan. Andes. Kazachinskaya ". 5.7 x 8.6; friend to another landscape, engraved Bac. Ivanov. 5. "Tsarist village with the figure of Countess Varvara Nikolaevna Golovina. Grav. Acad. hood. Kazan. Andes. Kazachinskaya ". 5.8x8.7. In Acad. hood. 6-9. Four pictures in the 1st book P. Sumarokov: "leisure of Crimean Judge"; SPb., 1803; №№ 4, 8, 20 and 21; see Kalashnikov. 10. "Look mother see of the Armenian monastery | Echmiadzin, near the mount Ararat area. | Removed. SNAT. Sergeyev 1796. Gras. Kazachinskaya ". Te same signature in Armenian. In the book: "the Biography of Artemis, Ararat, St. Petersburg. 1813." 2 parts. 11 and 12. Two boards in the Atlas to the book: "Reimers, Reise des Russ. Kais. ausserordent. Gesandschafft... 1793. S. Pbg. 1803"; a: No. II. View of Constantinople and no. Buyukdere. — Cm. E. Koshkin. 13. "View of St. Petersburg the Armenian Church, built in the name of St. Martyr Catherine in 1780. | Published Artemy Araratskiy. Fig. Ivanov. Gras. Kazachinskaya "* Armenian signature to 4 lines. {Rovinsky} kazachinskaya , Andrey Ivanovich engraver Depot cards (1816 9th class), a graduate of the I. A. G. X. 1779-94; b. 6 Oct. 1774, † Nicholas I. Addition: Kazachinsko , Andrey Ivanov., a graduate of the Imp. AK. hood., engraver Depot card, Titus. Sov.; † 40 L. 1814 Dec 8 (cellar. 11 Dec.). (Cumans)

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