Klementevich Kalvan

Latvia • 1909−1965

(1909.19.Sep in Eastern Latvia – 1965.30.April in Riga), painter.

Studied at Luzinski gymnasium, where in 1927 he participated in the school exhibition.

In the Studio of Landscape painting of V. Purvitis in the Latvian Academy of arts he studied from 1928 – 36, completing the thesis "the mill".

Participates in exhibitions since 1931

Solo exhibitions: Riga 1931, 1948, 1967, 1981

Rezekne 1943, with A. Egle, 1948,1980, 1988

Riga 1959, 1963, 1965

Jelgava 1962

Koknese 1981

Krāslava 1988

The member of artists ' Union since 1945

Wrote in a realistic manner, at first Recalling the style of the circle of uchenikov other students of the Purvitis, but quickly finds its approach to the landscape. Writes tonal, short time becomes a bit natural, but vitality temperament helps to quickly overcome this stage. He wrote a lot, leaving behind a vast artistic legacy. Dynamic, tried to learn the essence of each song. Tographs in color, sometimes black and white ispolzovat games to create dramatic effects.

Created a series of landscapes, posvashenniy memorial sites of the National poet Rainis.

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