Nikolayevna Kantor (Molotov)

Russia • born in 1947

Biography and information

7 was born.II.1947 in the village of Nebolchi, Novgorod region, Russia.

Lives in Chisinau.

He graduated from the State Institute of theatre, music and cinema, Leningrad, 1971.

He worked as chief artist of the Kishinev puppet theatre "Guguta",

Participates in exhibitions с1973г.

Is a member of the following artistic organizations:

CX Moldova from 1976; the Union of theatrical figures since 1974;

The international Union of puppet theatres (UNIMA);

The international artists Union (AIAP-UNESCO).

Creates sketches of scenery and puppets for plays, and works in easel painting (landscapes, still lifes) and tapestry.

Movement in the visual arts: solves the problem of color expression.


- Republican exhibitions of artists ' Union of Moldova since 1973

- exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova" organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia in the exhibition hall skhm them C. Brancusi, Chisinau, June 2005.

Born on the 07. 02. 1947 in the Novgorod region of Russia. In 1964году Graduated from high school in the city of Kronstadt.

In 1971 he graduated with Honors from the Institute of Theatre, Music and cinematography in Leningrad, majoring in art Director of the puppet theater.

Since 1972, at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture arrived in Chisinau, Moldova. Worked as an art Director in the Republican puppet theatre "Licurici" national Television puppet theatre "Prichindel".

Worked as chief designer of puppet theater "Guguta". Since 1974 member of the Union of theatrical figures of Moldova. Since 1978 member of the Union of artists of Republic of Moldova. Since 1998 member of the International Union of artists (А1АР ТЖЕ8СО). Participant of International and Republican exhibitions. He has designed more than 100 productions.

Since 1999 is engaged in textiles, takes part in International players for textiles in Ukraine. Participates international exhibitions of textile in the city of Kiev and Lviv. Received from 1999-2006 year 6 diplomas of Lviv Academy of arts.

From 1998-2006 spent 9 experiences on training in doll-making in France. 2001 laureate of the Union of artists of Republic Moldova in the field of scenography.

Works are in many countries of the World: Canada, Turkey, France, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Russia, USA.

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