Filippovna Klemm (Greenberg-Samuelson)

Russia • 1884−1942

One of the first students from Russia Herman Struk at the Berlin Academy of arts for 4 years of study I mastered the skill charts and became a famous artist.

Then he studied in Paris and Aschbe in Munich, he participated in exhibitions from 1913. Having returned home Terminals lived in Petersburg, Moscow, and in 1929 was exiled to Ashkhabad, where it (5 years later) was "graciously allowed" to return to their "homeland", Golden-domed Kyiv, by that time, however, had already managed to lose a significant portion of its "zlatoglavaja". In Kiev, she lived the last 8 years. From 1934 to 1939 Klemm worked at the Art Institute, workshop of etching. Her work is held in several museums of Ukraine and Russia, as well as in the famous Albertina Museum in Vienna. Known 15, its etching ex-libris made for close friends and relatives — Clemmow, Smolyanov, A. Kopernika, M. J. Lerman, etc. For the library M. J. Lerman (1884-1942), lawyer, major of the Leningrad bibliophile, collector and researcher of book marks, Terminals found seeming trivial at first glance the topic — the interior of the Cabinet with open bookshelves and a view of the open window. In December 1927 Lerman presented a report about exlibrises work Terminals at the meeting of the Leningrad society of exlibrises (LOEI), active member of which he was throughout the history of this society.

She worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but then she remembered training in Germany and exiled to Ashkhabad, then graciously allowed to return to Kiev, where she engaged in teaching activities. Killed E. of the Terminals in the German-occupied Kiev. Her works are now stored in museums of Russia and Austria...

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