Vasilyevich Kozyrev (Avant)

Russia • born in 1948

Biography and information

Born in 1948 in the Smolensk region. The father was a war veteran. In the family of 4 children. At the end of the war, father's sister was mobilized to the construction sites in Moscow. In the early 50's dad Yuri joined them. The family lived on Leninsky Prospekt and subsequently in Chertanovo.

Artistic ability showed early. In 5 years absolutely recognizable drew his own grandfather. Drawing was a favourite pastime since early childhood and has not passed. Studied at the art school of the Palace of pioneers under the leadership of sculptor and artist Masherov. At the age of 12 was awarded a free trip to Artek as the winner of the competition of young artists.

He served in the Army in the GDR. After the army participated in trips to the Pamirs in the North to Central Asia. Worked in the art workshops around the country.

Worked as an artist in the Institute, and after the restructuring in some advertising workshops.
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