Sergeevich Konovsky (Leshchuk)

Russia • 1883−1953

Born in 1883 in Odessa. Art collector, bibliophile. The gathering was engaged in his student years, he started with postcards. In the collection of the Odessa masters Nilus, Dvornikov, Bukovetsky, Hausa, Rihackova, Peperkorn, Volokitina and others. He studied painting in Odessa and Moscow. Was engaged in Boxing. Worked as an artist-the property man at the Studio, from 1935 he taught painting and drawing at the Odessa art College. He was a member of the Odessa art society. K. Kostandi. Met with V. Mayakovsky (stuffed him in the face for rowdy behavior at the Moscow art school). Kosovskogo after the death of his widow, to have a livelihood, has gradually sold off the collection.

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