Yanovich Kreuz (Sarvov)

Latvia • 1909−1992

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

(1909.1. July in Daugavpils - 1992.7.January in Riga), painter.

In 1938 – 1947 he studied at the Latvian Academy of art (V. Tone, A. annus, K. Ubans, some time, of V. Purvitis, then went and finished the workshop figurative painting Eliass with diploma work "the Return").

Left a very extensive artistic heritage (about 5000).

Worked as a consultant with artists and Amateurs, took part in organizing art Days in Riga and throughout Latvia.

In 1980 he received the title of Honored deyatel of arts of the Latvian SSR.

Member of the artists Union of Latvia since 1950

First solo exhibition in the Liepaja Museum in 1945 (111 work, most of the watercolors).

In shared of S. kreics held more than 20 solo exhibitions.

Favorite genre – landscape of Latvia – Latgale, which is devoted to the cycle of works "the Past" and the sea with all the beautiful nuances of this natural phenomenon.

One of the most prominent representatives of the Latvian tonal painting.