Markovich Kruger

Russia • 1869−1940

Biography and information

Yakov (Yankel) M. (Markovich)

( 2(14).05. 1869, Minsk – 19.03. 1940, Minsk)

He studied at the Kyiv drawing school N. Murashko (1883-1887), in Warsaw, Poland (1887-1888) L. Goravica at the Academy R. Julien , portraitist J. B—constant in Paris, France (1888-1895), St. Petersburg Academy of arts (1897-1900) V. Makovsky. The Creator of the Minsk school of drawing (1906-1915), a teacher of drawing in Kazan, the teacher of drawing at the working faculty of the Belarusian State University(1921). Participant in exhibitions since 1890-ies. Honored art worker of the Byelorussian SSR (1939). Member of Belarusian Union of artists (1927-1932). He lived in Minsk

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