Semenovich Myropolsky (Mitropolsky)

Russia • 1749−1819

Biography and information

Worked in established soon after his birth the Imperial Academy of arts. In the "century portrait" of Russian painting he was obliged to become a portrait painter. He was, though not of the first. In 1779, Miropolsky was awarded the title of "appointed" in academics. After that, the artist was followed by numerous orders from the Academy for the execution of portraiture and other works. And if the majority of the writing is quite ordinary, portraits Vjazemsky and D. F. Astafiev can be recorded in the asset of the whole of Russian portrait painting of the second half of the XVIII century. On the border of 1790-ies L. S. Miropolsky creates, perhaps, his best work, "Portrait of an associate rector of the Academy of arts G. I. Kozlov," which interestingly is an outstanding contemporary academician and Professor of historical painting, Director of the tapestry manufactory and the Director of the boarding school at Academy of arts. In 1794, L. S. Miropolsky was awarded for the named portrait of the title of academician, which was a recognition of the skill of the painter.