Alexandrovich Nilus (Slovetsky)

Ukraine, France • 1869−1943

Biography and information

Member of the Odessa society of fine arts and Literary society.

Since 1919 in exile, since 1924 – in Paris. Member of the section of artists Union of Russian artists in France.

The artist's works are kept in Odessa art Museum.

The grandson of the General, participant of the war of 1812, Pyotr Alexandrovich Nilus was a well known artist, especially in Odessa, where he studied at the art school (1883-1889). But studies at the Academy of fine arts is over for P. Nilus in the year. By doing it in 1889, it was left her to do independent work. Made such a bold move of the young Pyotr Nilus on the advice of a great authority — Ie Repin, who believed that not every talent the Academy is good, otherwise it just standartisied. The first independent work returned to Odessa artist, genre, and landscapes, which are often exhibited at exhibitions of the Association of artists-Itinerants and his younger brother — the Association of South Russian artists, one of which organizers was the P. A. Nilus. Wrote P. A. Nilus and portraits of famous people. Two of them are particularly noteworthy: "Portrait of Anton Chekhov" (1902-1904) and "Portrait of Ivan Bunin" (1917). With the future Nobel laureate in literature, the artist had real friendships — Bunin has devoted Nilus is one of the most heartfelt poems Loneliness. In the spirit of that time in 1915, P. A. Nilus staged an exhibition of his numerous works, a collection which went in favour of the military refugees from the Western regions of the country. In 1920, the total flow of emigration, the artist left the country. In 1924 he settled in Paris. And not lost. He still wrote a lot, easy going Russian on the symbolic and romantic style, which is like the French, because in France and in Europe, you can easily meet pictures of our compatriot.