Yakovlevich Rodchev

Italia • 1768−1803

Biography and information

"Free carpenter German son." A graduate of the Academy V. Rodchev was five years in 1773. Received medals: in 1786 - 2 silver; in 1788 - 1 silver; and in the same year finishes became his second home institution, received a gold medal and a diploma of the first degree. Under the Charter of the Academy with such success, the graduate is awarded a pensioner's trip abroad, in which V. Rodchev sent in 1789. For the painting "Saint Sebastian" the artist in 1795, recognized as "designated" in academics. Next comes the title of academician. Historical interest is the formulation of the program, masterovito doing that, Rodchev received this honorary title. We give it verbatim: "To Androcles had taken refuge in a cave, accidentally came as a lion, who has one foot was injured and bloodied. Staraniem he expressed his pain and anguish. First, as Androxal saw the coming of the beast, the whole fear froze, but then, as the fact was that he was in his abode came in, saw Androcles, lying in the corner, quietly and humbly coming to him with his paw, and holds it out to seem, like it seemed that he requires assistance". In 1803 V. Rodchevu awarded the title adjunct Professor. Unfortunately, the clock stopped living artist in the same year.

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