Vasilievna Sabashnikova (Voloshin)

Germany • 1882−1973

Biography and information

In 1904-05 he studied painting in Paris in 1906-07 in the Zvantseva school of L. S. Bakst and M. Dobuzhinsky. One of the first Russian anthroposophists (1902). Wife of M. A. Voloshin (1906-27, in fact, the rupture occurred earlier 1927). After the revolution he worked in otd. painting Proletkult in TEO Narkompros of the RSFSR. Since 1922 in exile, living in Germany. Portraits (incl. N.Berdyaev, M. Chekhov, B. Zaitsev, Lenin ). Author biogr. kN. about Seraphim of Sarov (1913), of a number of poetry SB-cov (1907, 1911) and other works. The memoir, "Green snake" (1954, in German lang.).

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