Davidovich Gudiashvili

Georgia • 1896−1980

Biography and information

Born in Tiflis on 18 (30) March 1896 in the family of a railroad employee. He studied at the Tiflis school of painting and sculpture (1910-1914), in Paris, a private Academy Ronson (1919-1926). He belonged to a group of Georgian poets "Blue horns" (1914-1918) that sought to organically combine the national with the prosody shaped structure of French symbolism. In Paris was a regular at the famous "Beehive" ("La Ruche"), artists ' colony, where she met with I. Zuloaga, A. Modigliani, N. Goncharova and M. Larionov. Had a lot of impact.Pirosmanashvili.

Early paintings of the masters with their romance national life combine dramatic grotesque with the charm of poetic mystery (Fish zoccali, 1920, art Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi). Closeness to the traditions starokubanskaja and Persian art is enhanced with his return to the homeland in 1926. Becomes warm shimmering colors, however, a growing sense of "world-theatre" (many of Gudiashvili's paintings written on subjects from Opera and ballet performances or are portraits of costumed Actresses). Like his fellow-writers (G. Robakidze, K. Gamsakhurdia), he readily resorts to mythological allegories (Walk Serafica, 1940, ibid.), which are usually graceful and majestic beauty, appears the mysterious "Goddess of the Earth."

Gudiashvili also acted as a muralist, he re-painted the Church (Kashveti Church in Tbilisi, 1946), for which he was expelled from the Communist party and fired from the Tbilisi Academy of arts, where he taught from 1926. In a huge "anti-fascist series" of ink drawings (1942-1943) Gudiashvili appears a kind of "Georgian Goya": sverhcheloveka monsters around here ruins art and naked "goddesses" represent the idea of destruction of culture. Successfully worked as book Illustrator (drawings to Wisdom lies S.-S. Orbeliani, 1939), the artist of theatre and cinema. In 1976 he was awarded the title of Hero of socialist labor.

Died Gudiashvili in Tbilisi, 20 July 1980.

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