Malakievich Japaridze

Georgia • 1906−1988

Biography and information

Painter and graphic artist, people's. hood. USSR (1963), full member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU(b) since 1944. Graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of arts (1931), in 1936 and taught there from 1944 Professor, 1942-48 Director (rector) of the Academy. Ist.-roar. fabrics ("may day demonstration in Tiflis in 1901", 1939-41), genre paintings ("Friends of youth", 1938; "thoughts of mother", 1945; "Farewell", 1957), portraits, etc. The Winner Of The St. Ave. (1942).

R. 4(17).8.1906, p. Gary, now Anskogo district of the Georgian SSR], a Soviet painter and graphic artist, people's artist of USSR (1963), full member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1944. He studied at the national art Studio M. Toidze (1922-24) and the Tbilisi Academy of arts (1924-25, 1928-31). From 1936 teaches (from 1944 Professor, 1942-48 Director) at the Tbilisi Academy of arts. The author noted a desire for the glorification and romanticizing of the image of historical paintings ("may day demonstration in Tiflis in 1901", tempera, 1939-41, the Georgian branch of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, Tbilisi; USSR State prize, 1942), genre pictures ("Friends of youth", 1938, see Fig.; "Thoughts of mother", 1945), portraits (U. Chkheidze, pastel, 1943; all 3 pieces in the art Museum of the Georgian SSR, Tbilisi), book illustrations. Awarded the order of Lenin, 4 other orders, and medals.

Lit.: I. Urushadze, U. Japaridze, TB., 1958; U. Japaridze. [Album] text N. Ezerskoy, [M], 1959.

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