Vasilyevich Zak

Russia • 1892−1980

Biography and information

Painter, graphic artist, poet. He studied at the Mosk. University simultaneously. in 1905-09, engaged in the hood. the studios of F. Rerberg and I. Mashkov. From 1910 he entered the lit. group Mosk. futurists "Mezzanine of poetry", they were issued a poetic sat-Ki, was published in ALM. "The feast during the plague" (1913), "the Crematorium sanity" (1914). Since 1920, in exile, from 1923 he lived in Paris. SB. the poems "Morning on the inside" (1970, pseud. M. Russian Ones). Paintings "the Pearl" (1908), "Lady of light" (1911), "Portrait of L. M. Kopelman" (1912), "the Dog is under the table" (1916), "Two girls" (1931), "Poor" (1937), vol. graphics, design theatre. performances, etc.

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