Yakovlevich Lehman

Russia • 1834−1901

Biography and information

21 Feb 1834 (Elatma Tambov province.) August 10, 1901 (St. Petersburg)

He studied at the Academy of Arts from 1850 Received medals: in 1853 - 2 silver; in 1856 - 1 silver; in 1857, 1 silver; in 1862 - 2 gold for the painting "farewell to the groom"; in 1863 - the title of the artist with the right to the rank of class XIV. (Kondakov)

A lot more than the artist was known in Paris, where he settled after graduating in 1850-ies Academy. In the years of apprenticeship Y. Leman have exhibited academic exhibitions of his portraits, which enjoyed great success. Female portraits brought him quick fame and in France. The relationship with the homeland he didn't interrupt, sending her charming French women at the exposition of the Association of traveling art exhibitions.

Of interest is the impression of a strict (especially in relation to Western artists) domestic critic V. V. Stasov, one of the works of Yuri Y. Lehmann at the exhibition of the Wanderers: "a Great sketch or a portrait sent from Paris one Russian artist, which the French much probovali already on several of their shows: G. Leman. Last summer, at the world fair, in our Department, there were two portraits, both female and pretty, but the one now sent to St. Petersburg and called "the Lady in the costume of Directory" surpasses them all with grace posture and smiling face, as well as excellent, very elegant (though, without sugar and exaggeration) letter on the face, neck, chest, and naked arms and pink satin on the dress and vintage hat with a huge, arched fields. It is impossible not to witness, all members of the traveling exhibitions sincerely rejoiced at the sudden, totally unexpected, unexpectedly, the success companion, still obscure, and eyes he studied the techniques of his elegant French technique".

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