Vladimir (Voldemar)
Alexandrovich Eyfert

Kazakhstan • 1884−1960

(1884-1960гг.) Came up the hard way from apprentice painter to Director of the State Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin, was the artist whose works were exhibited with works by famous masters: V. Favorsky, A. A. Deineki, Y. G. Pimenov, K. Bogayevsky, J. Razumovskaya, N. Altman, K. Redko, Tsaplina, etc. Since 1928. in 1931. Eifert member of the society of Moscow artists, which has set itself the task of merging into a perfect shape with deep meaning. Stay in 1931 1935гг. in Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, especially in Paris had an influence on painting 30-ies, which are distinguished by boldness and ease of execution. During the great Patriotic war, the fate has cast the artist in Kazakhstan. With 1943. in 1959. Eifert worked in Karaganda the head of the art Studio. Former students - known artists, participants of the Republican and all-Union exhibitions. Eifert died in 1960 in Karaganda.

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