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Nikolayevna Pshesetskaya (Runa)


The fate of Vera Nikolaevna Plesetskoe, or Runes (1879 - 1945/46), the only woman in the "Amaravella", the least known. She was an actress, wrote verses, loved the painting. Other details give memories B. A. Smirnov-Rusetsky: "Of all my friends from Runes most vague biography. She is very reluctant to talk about himself. She was from Courland family von Manteuffel. Rune is her stage name: at a young age she left the family to become an actress. Some time was connected with the Art theatre, the one we saw in the intermission of one of the performances of the Moscow art Theater with her talked of Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko... Youth it was held in St. Petersburg, probably from the time when her St. Petersburg youth as her short-lived marriage to P. Ouspensky - the author of "the Fourth dimension" and "the Symbols of the Tarot"... In St. Petersburg, she participated in theosophic circles. Rune became the spiritual center of the entire team. It United us, was infected with his energy, was able to smooth the arisen contradictions. I always thought that the Rune before the revolution met with N. Roerich. It is a lot more we knew about his worldview and inner life. One time she was somewhere in the East, perhaps in China. Anyway, while we knew only of Roerich-artist, she already knew him as a Teacher."* Vera was a very big deal in the life of each of the artists, which she is bright and kind of captured in his portraits (at our exhibition presents a portrait of A. Sardana her brushes created in the 1920-ies). Its artistic heritage, in addition to the five portraits were almost killed. And she died in exile in the Arkhangelsk region in 1945 or 1946.

(Donetsk Roerich's Newsletter)

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