Mikhailovich Gyurjyan

Armenia • 1892−1987

Painter, Nar. hood. Arm.SSR (1945). Graduated from the Penza art.-PED. workshops (1920). From 1923 he taught at hood. educational institutions of Yerevan, from 1947 Professor. In 1951-59 and 1968-69 before. of the Board of the CX Arm.SSR. Author of landscapes "bridge over the Hrazdan river" (1923), "Shirak canal" (1926), "Sevan. Zemstroy" (1936), "Sunny day. Sevan" (1940), "Spring in Armenia" (1945), "Morning in the old Goris" (1954), "the Ruins of the medieval Sevan fortress" (1958), etc.

[R. 12(24).4. 1892, Artvin, now in Turkey], people's artist of Armenian SSR (1945). Graduated from the Penza higher is art-pedagogical workshops (1920). From 1922 working in Armenia. Author of numerous landscapes (including industrial): "the bridge over the Hrazdan river" (1923), "Shirak canal" (1926), "Sevan. Zemstroy" (1936), "Sunny day. Sevan" (1940), "Spring in Armenia" (1945), "Azat River in the Garni gorge" (1945), "Morning in the old Goris" (1954), "Ruins of a medieval fortress Sevan", 1958, all in Art gallery of Armenia, Yerevan; "Dam Jorges" (1930), "picking cotton" (1949) — in the Tretyakov gallery in 1923, taught in the educational institutions of Yerevan (1945-58 at the Art Institute, since 1947 — Professor). The organizer of the first Soviet mobile usemasterkey (1939). Author of several articles and books. In 1951-59 and in 1968-69, the Chairman of the Union of artists of Armenian SSR. Awarded the order of Lenin and order of Labor red banner and medals.

Lit.: Ayvazyan M., Stepanyan, M., 1957.

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