Prokofievich Polovinkin

Information about the artist's works is not detected, so it is impossible to make presentation about the work of V. Polovinkin. Not known even to the years of the life of Vladimir Prokofievich.

Found out that he was a classmate and close friend of Pavel Kuznetsov, Peter Utkin and Martiros Saryan. Perhaps this explains his participation in the exhibition "scarlet rose".

"The first student that I met was Vladimir Polovinkin. He had a poetic nature. I liked his directness, and I loved him, perhaps more than all of his comrades. He was a man of weak-willed, prone to frequent fluctuations, suffering from unbelief in your hand Artist, he was weak. He had no sense of colour. And nature saw dry, graphically.

He, like many of the students returned home, there was an art teacher in a girls ' school and was plunged into a disastrous stagnant swamp Stanichno life. In this quiet environment he, as I have heard from friends, was fond of poetry and do graphic works. He died in his homeland during the civil war, the victim of a typhus epidemic," said Saryan.

Petrov-Vodkin, Recalling the years of study at the Moscow School, wrote about the Polovinkin: "In the future, joined us Polovinkin, was joined by a few sideways. Boneless, it would seem that in life, he was wildly hard and ROS explosions, jumps, rushing from one extreme to the other. To graduate from school, he was interested in me seemed to be firmly found monochrome osvetimany nature at close ranges. Serov welcomed this approach to painting Polovinkin, dense and well-proportioned.

Rough and violent to himself, at this stage, he disappeared into the province of the don Cossack villages. It was said that he began to teach in the gymnasium and opened his workshop; the rumor about him and ended; in the future, nor of Polovinkin, nor his works, I have not seen more."

Probably, V. Polovinkin attended a workshop Serova, K. Korovin and Serov was pleased with his work.

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