Nikitich Avnatamov (Avnotomov)

Russia • 1806−1881

Biography and information

An auditor student of the Academy of Arts in 1836. In 1841 the title of class artist of portrait painting.(Kondakov)

Hakob Hovnatanyan (Yaakov Antonov; 1806, Tbilisi, 1881, Tabriz or Tehran, Iran), painter, one of the founders of the portrait genre in Armenian art, learned from his father - Mortum of hovnatanyan. In 1841 with the portrait E. Golovina received from St. Petersburg Academy of arts the title of "class artist". For his portraits, preserving some traditional features of Armenian art (static figures, the calmness of poses, jewelry vypisnoy details, "enamel" surface painting texture), is characterized by psychological expressiveness of the poetic (often tinged with romantic melancholy) models, restraint of colors, based on the exquisite combination of warm and cold tones. Works: portraits N. Teoman, E., Gogebakan (both probably written in the 1840-ies , the Art gallery of Armenia), G. Caragana (1840s (?), Museum of art of peoples of the East, Moscow], Melikovich (1840s (?), The art Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi).

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