Alexeyevich Alekseev

Russia • 1811−1875

Born in the village of Lubenice Tver province. Serf of the landowner O. N. Kuminova (received "free" in 1832). Studied with the painter N. With.Krylov.

Student of the Academy of fine Arts and Professor A. G. Venetsianov. In 1827-2 silver medal; 1829-2 gold medal for the painting "Perspective view workshop Venetsianov". In 1832 the title of a free artist. Was a pensioner society for the Encouragement of Artists (1826). Painter of portrait and genre scenes. (Kondakov)

From 1835 he worked in Pskov.

(1811-78) Painter. B. in D. Lubenice Kashin. (now Kashin. R-na). Serf of the landowner O. N. Kulikova, received his freedom in 1826 at the request of A. G. Venetsianov. He studied as a boy apprentice in the farm Kalyazin painters at N. S. Krylov, in 1826-32 have Venetsianov lived in his house in St. Petersburg, attended drawing classes at the AH, in 1832 he received the title of free artist. Alekseev participated in exhibitions of the society for the encouragement of artists and OH. Among the works of the artist - "the artist A. G. Venetsianov" (1827, Mal. gold medal AH, RM), "portrait of an unknown" (CA. 1830, TG), "Portrait of lariona Skryleva" (Fig., 1830, RM), etc.

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