Mikhailovich Sharbabchyan

Russia • 1884−1942

He was born in Tiflis.

1905 – school of Society for encouragement of fine arts.

1906 – Paris, Academy Julien.

1913 – returned to Tiflis and works as a painter, graphic and theatre artist.

1913 – the first personal exhibition in Tbilisi.

1916 – one of the founders of the Union of Armenian artists.

1919 – 1921 – participation in exhibitions of the Union of Armenian artists.

1927, 1928 – participation in exhibitions of Georgian artists.

1930 – 1936 – artist of the Tbilisi Armenian drama theater.

Zasluzhennyi artist of the Load. SSR (1936). Studied in Paris (1904-10). The first design for the play "the Old gods" Shant in Tiflis arm. t-re (1913). Sh designed the first show of T-RA im. G. Sundukyan's "Pepo" By Sundukyan (1922). From 1922 - chief artist of Tbilisi

Arm. t-RA drama. S. Shaumyan. Designed here the performances: "Capcas-Tamasha" Charents (1926), "Masquerade" (1927); "Intervention" Slavin (1934), "Broken home" and "Hut ball" Sundukyan (1929, 19 5 7). In 1932 the T-re of Opera and ballet. Paliashvili has issued a performance of "Almast" Spendiarov (sovm. with Ie . 1 an-sulphur and P. Circlenum). The author of the play "the servant of the people" ("Sayat Nova") (1929). L. X?.

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