Ilyich Dudnik

Russia • 1913−1996

Biography and information

Honored artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, Professor. Author of paintings on historical and revolutionary themes, portraits of his contemporaries. Landscape painter was Born in 1914 in Feodosia. Studied in 1935-1943. in Moscow state art Institute in the I. Grabar, A. Deineka, D. N. Kardovsky, N. M. Chernyshev. Participant of art exhibitions since 1943. Major works: "Volley "Aurora" (1949, Central V. I. Lenin Museum), "Portrait of Ioseliani" (1950, TG), "Portrait of Molchanova Wali" (1954, TG), "portrait of a carpet weaver Muradova" (1956, Lviv art gallery), "Portrait of Olga Kondratieva" (1964, MK USSR), "portrait of a steelworker Cochet-leva" (1965, RM), "the arrest of the Provisional government" (1966, MK USSR), "the young Communists 20-ies" (1967, TG), "Apple" (1975, MK USSR), "October 1917", triptych: "Aurora", Smolny, "Winter Storm" (1976-1977, MK USSR), "the Death of "Varyag" (1978-1979, MK USSR).

Angelica was left an orphan during the Civil war, wandered, was in the orphanage, and in 1930 was arrested. Angelica was a perfect match for the object "Reforging". It was released early (in 1934) and was sent to study in Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov. There he studied (for some reason - 9 years), and graduated in 1943 with honors and was left in graduate school. His degree thesis - historical painting "the headquarters of the revolution in Smolny" would have done honor to experienced, Mature artist. On the front of Angelica was not kept it.

In the postwar years, together with artists of Ivanovym, Yuri Kugach, K. Maximov, V. Tsyplakova Angelica was written in the picture "Advanced people of Moscow in the Kremlin", "order of Lenin Moscow in honor of the 800 anniversary", "Meeting of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences". In 50-60 years, like many artists at this time. Angelica has traveled extensively throughout various regions of the country - the Altai, Central Asia, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo. From these journeys he brought a lot of work - rural and urban landscapes, portraits of workers and farmers.

1952-1953 Teaches at the Kharkiv State art Institute.

1953-1968 Works contracts.

1964 Receives the badge "excellent worker of public education of the RSFSR".

1965 Awarded "Honorary diploma of the RSFSR".

1967-1974 Teaches at the Higher industrial art school named.Stroganova, 1968 - awarded the title "Honored artist of the RSFSR".

1968-1972 was Elected Chairman of the Board of the Moscow branch of Union of artists.

1968-1972 was Elected Deputy of the Moscow City Council of people's deputies.

1970 Italy-Spain. Travel from the USSR Academy of Arts.

1969-1980 was Elected a member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR.

1969-1991 was Elected a member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1970 Awarded the medal "For valiant labor" for the 100th anniversary of V. I. Lenin.

1971 Awarded the order "badge of honor".

1976-1981 Teaching at the Pedagogical Institute.Lenin. Art-graphic faculty.

1981 Finland. Trip.

1983 Finland. Trip.

1983 Germany. Trip.

1986 Hungary. Trip.

1988 Germany. Trip.

1988 Hungary. Trip.

1989 Austria. Symposium of European artists.

1990 Austria. The Invitation Of Gerhard Lenz.

1991 Turkey (Istanbul). The Invitation Of The Turkish Embassy.

1993 USA (Houston). Invitation Ben Blessing.

1994-1995 Holland (Milspec). The Invitation Of Jan Jansen.

1969 received the title "Professor of academic painting" 1984 - awarded the title "people's artist of the RSFSR".