Danilovich Jamet

Russia • 1821−1877

Biography and information

25 Nov 1821 (Vilna) - November 12, 1877 (Vilna)

In the description of the life and work of albert Danilovich Gamete will quote verbatim, the official message (this gives it a special interest) of the Board of the Imperial Academy of arts from 1879: "Died in Vilna in 1877, the landscape painter albert Danilovich Jamat was the son of a Prussian native, who took Russian citizenship, and was born in the city 25 Nov 1821, educated at the local grammar school, he went in 1840 to the Academy volnoprihodyaschim student. Here he was especially interested in the study of landscape painting, using in it the guidance of Professor M. N. Vorobiev. Little by little, began to evince his success in his chosen field, and his work began to attract the attention of connoisseurs of taste in the choice of subjects and the desire bezzateev to reproduce the truth of nature. One of the student paintings Gamete was, in 1874, bought herself for her Museum. In view of these successes of gr. Benedict Tyszkiewicz, patron of the artist, sent it to your account abroad. Albert Danilovich spent twelve years, from 1847 to 1859, Italy, France, Germany and England, everywhere diligently doing sketches and displaying their works in the capitals of these countries. Years this trip was sometimes the best work of an artist. In 1854 he received from the Roman Academy of St. Luke cash prize for a view of lake Nemi. In the same year, sent a picture "of Tivoli and its waterfalls," he was awarded the title of class artist. Then, in 1859, he was awarded the degree of academician of the three species from the environs of Rome. Soon after, the artist went back to Russia, but not for long, and, in 1861, going back in trip, he stayed in France, England and the Savoy before 1863 Gamete to return home changed for the worse his material circumstances, especially due to political unrest in the Western region, forced him to decide designer at the Vilna theatre. This position he held until his death."

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