Alekseevich Trubnikov

Russia • 1885−1947
Trubnikov D. A. (1885-1947)
A native of the Large village of Salt, a graduate of the Moscow Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture, a student of Valentin Serov, A. Arkhipov, Korovin brothers, a talented artist, an outstanding representative of the intellectuals of the Soviet period, Dmitry A. most of his creative life in Furmanov (Sereda) Ivanovo region. He came to the city in 1924 at the invitation of the national theater. A. Ostrovsky to work as a set decorator and lived here until his death. In 1934 he was accepted as a member of the Union of artists. In 1935, 1937, 1940 - became a member of regional exhibitions, in 1940, showed their works at the exhibition artists of the older generation in Moscow, in 1945 held an exhibition of works of artists of Ivanovo, Gorky, and Yaroslavl regions. And only in 1946 he held his first solo exhibition of works by Trubnikov, after a year it's been his solo exhibition in Ivanovo. It was here, in Ivanovo land, revealed the talent of Dmitry Trubnikova, as an artist, it was here that he gained his skills. Throughout his life Dmitriy A. Trubnikov worked in the tradition of the old Russian school. His landscapes - modest low-key motifs, a chamber untouched Russian nature. In his portraits, images of ordinary people who were close to him and attracted the attention of the artist for their physical and spiritual beauty. The main thing that is characteristic of all works Trubnikov, is the love of the artist to .depicted. Creativity Trubnikov, at the time, left an appreciable trace in the artistic life of the region, then, after his death, was forgotten. Much of his artistic legacy lost and what remains, is in poor condition. Our task is to preserve this for posterity, because, following the words of Chekhov, "every picture taken in the gallery, and every decent book got to the library, is a great cause, the accumulation of wealth in the country".
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