Ivanovich Zubkov

Russia • 1883−1937

Biography and information

He was born in 1885 in the village of Deryagino Vladimir province. Hereditary icon painter, younger brother of I. I. Zubkov. In 1895-1901, he studied in the Studio of the brothers Belousovich, then it worked. Teacher - D. I. Shalapin. In 1900 he painted the walls of the Church in the village of Chulkovo of the Murom district of the Vladimir province. In 1903, in Samara, attended school artist Osipova. Member of the first world war. In 1920 he was a member of the Cooperative for painting of wooden products. One of the founders of the Artel of ancient painting (4 December 1924). He was Secretary of the Board of the Cooperative, 1929-1935 years - Chairman of the Board. In the years 1935-1938 he headed the Association of Palekh artists. In 1938, illegally arrested, executed on 16 October. Rehabilitated posthumously in 1956.

Themes of works: folklore, literature, modern village. Participated in exhibitions since 1925. A. I. Zubkov is stored in the State Museum of Palekh art.

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