Sergeevna Konovalova

Russia • 1883−1969

Graphic artist of Russian modernism.

Born in Moscow in 1883, he Studied at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture from M. Vrubel, I. Nivinsky, A. Shechtel.

The work of A. S. Konovalov reflects the modern era. The artist graduated from the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, was a student of M. Vrubel and inspired by the works of V. E. Borisov-Musatov. In the same school, two years ahead of her, learning PS Utkin, N. D.Milioti, N. N. Sapunov and P. V. Kuznetsov, created the Association of the symbolists "Blue rose". The painting comes from the family heritage of the artist. Has Antiques and artistic value as a sample of Russian modernism.

Watercolor Konovalov dedicated to the fabulous and mythological themes, poetic view of nature and life

Work 1930-ies, according to the call time, written in a realistic manner, their themes of earth, concrete. But living in Chukotka in Stalin's time, it is inspired by rituals of the shamans, who become the heroes of her paintings. Mysterious craving for is now embodied in the new images.

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