Dmitrievich Losev

Russia • 1855−1901

An auditor student at the Academy of Arts from 1870; a student with 1874, Received medals: in 1879 - 2 silver and a small incentive; in 1880, two 1 silver; in 1881 - he graduated from the scientific course; in 1882 - 2 gold; 1883 - 1 gold medal for the program "Last minute St. Michael of Chernigov at the rate of Batu" and the title of class artist of 1 degree. In 1886 used the right pensionerstva from the Academy and went abroad for 3 years. In 1889, the title of academician. (Kondakov)

Became volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of arts in 1870, Nikolai Dmitrievich Losev in 1874 moved to full-time academics — the young man felt confident in his considerable talent. The success became apparent pretty soon: in 1879 N. Losev received a small silver and runner-up medals in 1880 — two large silver medals. After graduating in 1881, the scientific course of the young artist gets a in 1882, the small, and in 1883 a gold medal for the program "Last minute Saint Michael of Chernigov before you bet Batu". At the same time awarded the title of class artist of the first degree and the right to a pensioner's trip abroad. Pending a trip to Europe, N. D. Losev made in 1886. By this time he became widely known as a painter, a skilful master, therefore assignment to it in 1889 for the mission work Forgiveness of a slave to freedom the title of academician was proof of the high-class painter. In his works the artist in addition to historical stories addressed to household compositions ("the fish with the basting", "cute Response", "Misunderstanding"), who also served in accordance with the academic tradition — even in the details, too well.

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