Lvovich Maimon

Russia • 1860−1919

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1880 to 1887 he Received medals: in 1881 - a small consolation; in 1884 - 2 and 1 silver; in 1885, 1 and 2 silver; in 1886 - 2 gold for the program "SV. Irene cures St. Sebastian". In 1887 - the title of class artist of 1 degree for the program "Metropolitan devotes Ivan the terrible in the schema".

Became famous thanks to the film "Marranos" ("the Secret seeder in Spain during the Inquisition", 1893). This painting of the Russian Academy of arts was awarded to Maimon the title of academician, and he became one of the first Russian-Jewish artists to be awarded this title. The painting was sold in huge quantities and was very popular. This, in particular, is evidenced by the fact that "Marranos" is placed to illustrate to the relevant article in the "old" to the "Jewish encyclopedia". Not less popular and graphic albums Maimon "Biblical women," "Men of the Bible" and "Pictures of Jewish life," published in 1894-1900 years as applications to the various bodies of the Jewish periodical press. It is known that some of the scenes from these albums put "live pictures" in the Jewish salons of St. Petersburg early XX century.

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