Andreevich Meghnis

Latvia • 1907−1982

Biography and information

(1907. 20. VII Aizpute – 1982. 1. V , Riga)

Born into a peasant family.

Professional education in liepāja school of applied arts (1925. – 1930.) and in Latvian Academy of art (1931. – 1940.). He graduated from the Studio of Decorative painting (diploma work "the Lamentation", also "In the arms of mother", under the leadership of Y. Kuga).

Worked as a teacher in Riga and Kuldiga school of applied arts.

Worked at combine "Maksla".

Participated in exhibitions since 1933.

Member of the Artists Union of Latvia since 1961.

Personal exhibitions:

Riga, Jurmala (1967., together with R. BEMS, On Aunario and George. Skulme)

Riga, Riga (1972., together with I. Magne)

Riga (1975., 1978., 1979);

Jaunpils (1976.);

Liepaja (1977., together with I. Magne);

Ogre (1980.).

Memorial exhibition in 1983. year.

1950. actively participated in social and artistic life (the collective - brigade painting), the most popular painting "the Shooting of workers in Риге13. Jan 1905. of the year" (together with J. Vilumainis and A. Melnars).

He worked in watercolor and oil technique. He was an active organizer and participant in the work of watercolorists. Painted mostly landscapes – massive, monumental scale, densely covered with paint and edgy.

Literature: "Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās", 2. - R.: "Latvian encyclopedia", 1996.,- G. Tydeman, 109.p.

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