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Russia • born in 1954

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Biography and exhibition activities

Vyacheslav Petrov-Smooth



Born on 31 March 1954 in Moscow. In 1974 he graduated from art-industrial school named after Kalinin (painting Department). He studied in the Studio of Vasily Sitnikov. In the period from 1975 to 1989 participated in numerous group exhibitions of nonconformist artists in Moscow.

From 1990 to 2002 he lived and worked in Germany, Frankfurt-on-main, where he was a founder of the society "Voice" (Videniskiai art "New Age").

2002 and now lives and works in Los Angeles, California, where he opened a Museum-the Temple "The House of Maitreya" with a permanent exhibition of his paintings and a School of esotericism and mystical art.

Maitreya is a spiritual Teacher and a prominent mystical writer-philosopher of the XXI century, the author of several books.

His name is included in the famous Italian Catalogue “Comanducci” the most famous artists in Europe. Maitreya is in the US one of the outstanding figures of modern art, where it represents a new trend "Maitreya''s Tendency" in music and cinema.

Galleries and collections

Paintings of Vyacheslav Petrov-Smooth (Maitreya) are in numerous private collections and galleries in more than 30 countries of the world: Russia, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, etc., where customers were the heads of state, congressmen, Ministers, bankers, Industrialists...

Painting technique

Paintings of Vyacheslav Petrov-Smooth (Maitreya) is made with oil paints on specially prepared canvases. Technique varies from the so-called "dry-brush" (inherited from his teacher Vasily Sitnikov) months from date of appointment with a textured filigree design, creating the illusion of a "nerukotvorniy" and the glow effect.

Exhibition activity

1974 – exhibitions at the Flats of collector Vladimir Sychev.

1975 – the First exhibition of nonconformist artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 28

1975 – 1990 – 29 General and thematic exhibitions on Malaya Gruzinskaya

1978 – 1981 - Four exhibitions of the group "Twenty Moscow artists" (the legendary "Twenty") on Malaya Gruzinskaya

1982 - Exhibition at "Spasso house", the residence of the US Ambassador, Moscow

1983 – Exhibition of the "group of 21" on Malaya Gruzinskaya

1983 - Exhibition "Architecture of old Moscow", gallery "Pines" on Rublevskoe-Uspensky highway, Government residence

1985 - Exhibition at the Embassy of the Republic of Malta , Moscow

1987-1990 - Four exhibitions of the group "World of painting", M. Georgian

1989 - Exhibition of contemporary Soviet art "On both sides of the border" Salle des Arcades du Lido, Paris, France

1989 - Exhibition and auction at the Palais des Congres, Versailles, France

1989 - Gallery “Galerie Natalie Boldyreff”, Paris, France

1990 - Gallery “Bodenschatz”, Basel, Switzerland

1990 - Personal exhibition at the company "Rusinda" Frankfurt am main, Germany

1991 – 1992 and 1996 - Three exhibitions at the Frankfurt fair "Buchmesse" , Frankfurt am main, Germany

1991 - Exhibition "Esoterische Tage" Dreieich, Germany

1994 - Exhibition "Spiritual Visioner" in the gallery "L entree des Artistes", Germany

2002 - Exhibition "Russia in Space" gallery Airport Gallery, Frankfurt am main, Germany

2002 - Permanent exhibition in the Museum, the Church "The House Of Maitreya", Los Angeles, CA

New Moscow, the company "17 years later" under a new name Maitreya

2006 – Former dissident, the nonconformist, is now a member of Creative Union of Artists of Russia (International Federation of Artists)

2006 – Personal exhibition "Hollywood Maitreya. Russian Buddha. On The Ground. About The Dream. About the Sky", the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia, Moscow

2007 - Exhibition "light of the World", Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow.

2007 VI international Exhibition "Eros Moscow", exhibition complex "T-Module", Moscow.

2007 - international exhibition of luxury "Elite Life", Le Meridien Moscow Country Club, Nakhabino.

2007 – XII Moscow art fair art Manezh, Central exhibition hall "Manege".

2008 - VII international Exhibition "Eros Moscow", exhibition complex "T-Module", Moscow.

2008 – the XIII Moscow art fair art Manezh, Central exhibition hall "Manege".

2009 – III international festival "Traditions and Modernity", Central exhibition hall "Manege".

The literary-philosophical works, music and movies Maitreya

The Book "Der Weg Der Sieben Sterne". The diary of a Russian mystic of Vyacheslav Petrov-Smooth. Publishing house "Aquamarin Verlag", 1994, Germany (160 p., 28 Col. illustrations)

Two articles in the brochures "About Videnska art," 1991 – 1994, the society "Voice", Germany

The newspaper "Panorama", article "Super new Star is rising on the Starry Hollywood Sky", 2003, Los Angeles, California.

Three-volume edition:

- 1 vol Maitreya "the Path of the Seven Stars." 282 p. 46 illustrations

- Volume 2 "Tales of Oddi". 400 p., 45 ill.

- 3 volume "Bestseller" . 488 p. 42 Il.

Publishing house "Dortrecht", Moscow, 2006

Music CD "Danit", USA, joint work with American composer Douglas Hallenbeck. A new direction in music – ZeroMusic (refer to section "cinema and music").

The Film "Hollywood Maitreya. Russian Buddha", the member of the largest festival in the United States - The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (http://www.nyfilmvideo.com) (2007-Hollywood, Los Angeles). Maitreya speaks for the first time in the film industry as a writer and producer (link to the projects section)

Magazine "Temptation club", № 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2007; №1-12, 2008, №1-7, 2009 – series: Maitreya leads the heading "Diagnosis of sex" (link to publication)


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