Nikolaevna Pregel (Avksentyeva)

Russia • 1907−1984

Biography and information

Daughter N. D.Avksent'eva and M. S. Tsetlin. From 1937 wife of B. J. Pregel, a physicist, brother of S. Y. Pregel. Lived in exile in France since 1940 in the United States. Student N.With.Goncharova. Repeatedly exposed in the hood. the salons of France and the United States.

Painter. Born in Helsinki. Until 1918 he lives with his parents in Russia and abroad. From 1918 the family had moved to Paris. Visits the Studio of V. Shukhaev and Yakovlev Montparnasse, studying at N. Goncharova. Graduated from the National French Academy of applied art (1929), takes part in Paris art exhibitions. Together with her husband Boris Pregel moved to new York (1940). Beginning in 1943 and until the end of life takes an active part in prestigious exhibitions in the United States, in 1944, comes into the American national Association of women artists, illustrated publications Russian emigration, involved in the design of Jewish projects.