Abramovich Pevsner

Russia • 1884−1962

Studied in Kiev thin. School (1902-09). In 1911 and 1913, with his brother Naum, Gabo traveled to Paris. In 1914 he lived in Moscow, in 1914-17 - in Copenhagen and Oslo. In 1917 he returned to Moscow, shot a studio with Naum Gabo, and became one of the leaders of the "left" painting. Since 1918 he taught at VKHUTEMAS. In 1923 he left for Berlin, then settled in Paris. Since 1923 he worked as a sculptor, with ser. 1930s his work is completely abstract. In the postwar years - one of the leaders of the constructivist trend in sculpture. Monumental decorative structures “Design for the airport” (1934), “Developing surface” (1936), “Projection in space” (1939), “Light” (1947), “Dynamic projection” (1950), “Monument to the political prisoner” ( 1953), “The Rising Bird” (1955) and other works.

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