Nikolaevna Reitlinger

Russia • 1898−1988

Born in St. Petersburg into a noble family and since the childhood dreamed of the vocation of the artist. Revolution, death of the mother, inability to continue education at home – these and other events forced her to leave Russia. Life in Prague, then in Paris: familiarity with FR Sergius Bulgakov, lessons in the Studio of Maurice Denis, study of the iconography... In the ' 30s with the blessing of Andrew Sergeenko Julia N. created his first fresco complex - paints the Church Barack in MEUDON. In 1934, she is taking vows with the name John and become the example of M. Maria (Skobtsova) the nun in the world. She works a lot, writes icons, painted churches in England and France. After the death of father Sergius Bulgakov, with his blessing, S. John decides to return home, but for several years forced stays in Prague. Her return to Russia was only in 1955 Here, in Tashkent, and is undergoing the last stage of her life and creativity. It creates a temple icon of the Church, father Alexander men, small icons for its members and their closest friends. In 1984, John's sister died in the fourth year complete blindness.

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