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Nikolay Vladimirovich Remizov (Vasiliev
Vladimirovich Remizov (Vasiliev
Biography and information

1887 Born in St. Petersburg.

1908−1917 Studying with breaks in Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of arts under Dmitry Kardovsky. Engaged in satirical graphics in magazines "Satyricon", "New Satyricon", "Dragonfly", etc.

After 1929, he Emigrated to Paris.

1975 Died in Palm spring, California, USA.

Graphic artist, painter, theatre. artist. He studied in the Petersburg. OH, D. N. Kardovsky. In 1908−18 the leading cartoonist W. "Satyricon" and "New Satyricon". From 1920 he lived in Paris from 1922 in new York. Satiric. references to daily and watered. themes, cartoons, paintings, making ballet and drama. performances at the t-tures of new York and Washington.

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