Abramovich Sorin

Russia • 1878−1953

Painter. After graduating from Petersburg. AKH (1907). Lived and worked in St. Petersburg from 1917 to the Crimea and Tiflis. Since 1920, in exile (France, USA). The author of the portraits of Gorky (1902), A. Pavlova (1922), Fokine (1926), F. Chaliapin (1943), A. Benoit (1946) and other workers of Russian culture.

Born into a poor Jewish family in Polotsk, Vitebsk province, saveli Abramovich Sorin (perhaps Saveli Sorin) died in new York. In 1920 he emigrated from Soviet Russia to the West and divided his residence between France and the United States. Sorin was popular in the West portraitist. Wrote graceful image of rich people, aristocrats, members of Royal families and artists, many of whom were representatives of the Russian art.

However, forty-two years of his life S. A. Sorin has lived in Russia, where he received an excellent art education: after graduating with honors, Odessa art school without examinations, he entered the Academy of fine arts, where he honed his skills (1899-1907), many wonderful teachers, I. E. Repin among them. Was a pensioner of the Academy, visiting France and the Netherlands.

Very early Sorin was determined as the painter-portraitist. Work of the student Academy bring him the fame and the willingness of many to pose for the young artist. He writes interesting portraits of F. I. Chaliapin, Maxim Gorky, Anna Akhmatova, artist T. P. Karsavina, vol. Wolkonsky, etc.

Many of the paintings and graphic works Sorin was transferred eventually donated to museums of the USSR. Some of them can be found in the branch of the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin — the Department of private collections, which, thanks to the efforts of devotees and the Moscow authorities was opened in the mid-eighties of the last century.

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