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Green coast at Perros-Guirec

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1909, 97×180 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Green coast at Perros-Guirec»

Ivan Abramovich Morozov was the first Russian collector, who ordered a decorative ensemble for your home French artist. Maurice Denis has not only written a large-scale mural to decorate the music salon in the mansion of the Morozov on Prechistenka, but also personally came to Moscow to place the paintings on the walls.

Danny at that time was considered one of the most promising and significant artists of France. With Pierre Bonnard andEdouard Vuillard he was a member of the artistic Association "Nabi" (the Hebrew name of the band translates as "prophet"). But by the time work with Morozov Maurice Denis is already focused on his own artistic quest. He is looking for spiritual, sacred art, and the greatest reward for the artist considers the opportunity to paint the walls of a Church or public building.

All artists Nabis, Maurice Denis including fulfilled in my life dozens of orders for interior panels. They were able to provide the concept of "decorative" such a strong artistic Foundation that the painting, once written for bedrooms and classrooms rich customers are now in a best collections of museums around the world.

Maurice Denis returns in the contemporary art space of the nymphs, of the ancient gods, satyrs, and biblical characters, which are so ruthlessly expelled from the French salon of the art of the Impressionists. But rehabilitating Of Bacchus with Ariadne and Martha Maria The rules allow them to return on one condition: no old thin gloss glazes and luscious languorous poses, without amuria delicate folds on the skin and rich draperies.

In the world of the symbolist Maurice Denis allegorical and mythical heroes come with a train of philosophical and spiritual values, but settle down on the shore of some recognizable Parisian seaside town, which liked to rest the artist with the family. There is not even always tell where mortals, where the gods.

Maurice Denis just quoted the familiar, classic poses from the scenes of old art: the reclining woman in the foreground appears to float above the ground, and like a virgin with some Italian frescoes or the mythical heroine. The shepherd with the flute is so similar to fawn that I want to look at and look for the hair on his legs.

Perfect world, bathed by the setting sun, for which Maurice Denis had to go to Tahiti, as Paul Gauguin. Once Gauguin lesson learned for the future of Nabi and taught them how to safely paint solid bright spots: something seems to be yellowish - write it is a bright yellow, see blue - use ultramarine. Denis, not forgetting these lessons vykruchivaet distant cliff almost in one color, the sea - in two shades.

When Maurice Denis received a fee for panels, written for Ivan Morozov, he was able to buy with the money Villa on the coast. All the ancient gods and heroes will move at his artist closer to the sea.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape, Portrait
Style of art and technique: Post-Impressionism, Oil

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