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Antonovich the Tsapok

Ukraine • 1896−1971

B. 2 may 1896 in Kharkov - the mind. 21 June 1971, ibid. Graduated from Kharkiv art school (1914-18), where he studied with M. Pestrikova, O. Lyubimova, G. Gorelova. A member HO UAU from 1938. The participant of Republican and foreign exhibitions since 1927. Solo exhibitions: Kharkiv - 1961. Worked as a painter 1 St State theater for children, art demonstration theatre “the Red torch”, the Ukrainian drama theater. T. G. Shevchenko, and Kharkiv Sidebecause theatrical trusts, the Theater of the revolution to them. Lenin Komsomol and the Russian drama theatre in Odessa.

Member of the Kharkiv group of Cubists-futurists “Union of Seven”. In 1914-18 he studied in Kharkiv. hood. academic have Pestrikova and Lyubimov. In ВХ1917 the address Tsapkov: Tsapok Ant[he] Andrew[eebic] — Semin[Arsk]233, 43 (ВХ1925: Karpovskaya, 16).

In 1918, the “Seven” set up a Studio at home parents (or relatives) of one of the members of the “Sevens” — B. Tibia — on Chernishevskaya, 39. In the same year, the group issued a compilation album of his works, “Seven plus Three”. In addition, Tsapok together. with other members of the “Alliance of Seven” — Bobrick and Kosarev — painted opened in the basement of the house “Salamanders” cabaret “House of artist” (Sumy, 19/21234).

In 1919 all members of the “group of Seven” took part in the “Collection of modern art.”

In the cities the civil war he painted propaganda posters and painted agit. train.

Issued: about 150235 performances (best. early theatre. slave. — “Pericoli” By J. Offenbach, 1917, Kharkiv. the operetta theatre), more than 200 books, about 50 posters. (Along with the hood. V. G. Meller and longtime friend Boris Kosarev illustrated album for the red army “Science and religion”. For three years they have produced approx. 150 posters included in the album published by “Chervonyi Shliakh”).

Since 1938 a member of. CFS. Party 24 art exhibitions in the USSR and 6 abroad (Tokyo, N.-Th., Paris, Warsaw, Cologne).

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the magazine "Nowe art", 1927, №№ 24(65) [22 leaf], p. 19

G. TSAPOK: catalogue of the exhibition production. on the occasion of the 45th anniversary activities. artist. — H.: 1961;

Artists Kharkova. Dowdy. — H.: 1967. — 176 S. — 2000;


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