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Maria Lvovna Dillon
Maria Lvovna Dillon
 Lvovna Dillon
Russia 1858−1932
Biography and information

Paneveza was born in the Kovno province (Lithuania), from the family of the farmer. He studied at the Imperial Academy of arts (1878−1888) in the period when it was taught by A. R. von Bock, N. A. Laveretsky, I. I. Podrezov; volnoslushatelnitsey (until 1887). Over the years of passing the academic course was awarded a small (1882, 1884, 1885) and large (1886) consolation silver medals for drawings and sculpting from life, has won the praise of the Council AH for sculpted portraits and reliefs. For the competition program of "Andromeda chained to the rock" (1888) he received a small gold medal and awarded the title of class artist of 2 nd degree in sculpture. After graduating from the Academy he continued his education in Paris and Rome. In Florence, executed in marble fireplace "spring Awakening" (1898) for the mansion of A. F. Kelch in St. Petersburg. Lived in St. Petersburg, worked in the field of allegorical, genre, memorial, and portrait sculpture. Fulfilled orders for models for the art of casting in the field of decorative-applied art.

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