Kuzmich Demidov

Could not become a full-time student of the Academy of arts, because he was a serviceman man, being a non-commissioned officer of the court stables Department. Therefore, since 1833 became volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy, once in the group of K. P. Briullov. Training a novice painter was decent, it was directed to the Scripture paintings on the subjects of national history, and therefore, in 1836, for the painting "the Liberation of Moscow by Prince Pozharsky and citizen Minin" received from the Academy the title of a free artist. Next year V. Demidov was awarded a small silver medal, and in 1839 his painting "the Last battle of Ermak" received the title of "appointed" in academics.

What prevented the artist to take the next step to honorable and giving many privileges to the title of academician is unknown. As the unknown details of the life of the painter in later times, although the pictures of V. K. Demidova and date from the 1840-ies, for example: "Suicide feat Prince Volkonsky M. K.... in Borovsk in 1610" (1842), "Queen Natalia Kirillovna Tsarevich Peter at the Red porch" (1848).

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