Iosif Solomonovich

Russia • 1883−1926

Born into a Jewish family. He studied at the Odessa art College. One of the creators and participants of the St. Petersburg art Association "Union of youth" (1910-1918).

B 1913, together with the artist Pavel Filonov designed the production of "Vladimir Mayakovsky" and, together with Kazimir Malevich - the staging of "victory over the Sun" V. Velimir Khlebnikov and Aleksei Kruchenykh.

In 1917 participated in the design of revolutionary festivals. 1918 — artist-designer submissions in "Luna Park". Decorator Trinity theatre (1913-1917), Small theater (1918-1919) in Petrograd. Member of the Board of the fine arts Department of the people's Commissariat of education and Director of the Petrograd decorative Institute.

Russian schedule and the theatrical artist, the representative of the Russian avant-garde, Iosif Solomonovich Shkolnik was born in middle class family in the Kherson region. In the years 1900-1905 he studied at the Odessa art College. Then moved to St. Petersburg, where he studied at the Academy of arts, Jan Tsionglinskogo. In 1908 - 1909 was a member of the group Kulibina. In 1910 he became one of the organizers of the St. Petersburg society of avant-garde artists "Union of youth", to unite all the most interesting and radical artists. In 1911-1913 he studied the works of Western European masters in Belgium and Denmark. In 1913, together with Filonov prepares the tragedy "Vladimir Mayakovsky". In the same year, jointly with O. Rozanova illustrated collection of the "Union of Youth". Together with Kazimir Malevich he prepares a production of the play "victory over the Sun" by V. Khlebnikov and A. Kruchenykh. Was a participant of the exhibition "Left-wing current" (1915). 1918 I. S. Student - member of the Board of IZO Narkompros, the head of Theatrical-decorative section. In 1917, the Student

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