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Semenovich Zaykov

Russia • born in 1925

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - "Hammer Thrower", the rating is excellent. Training took place at the faculty of sculpture. Awarded the qualification of the artist-sculptor. (Dr. on the list of current-voltage characteristics 1925-05-20)

(b. 05/19/1925, the village of Borovaya, Kamyshlovsky district, Sverdlovsk region), sculptor, member USSR Union of Artists (1955), hon. artist of the RSFSR (1963), participant Vel. Otech of war. In 1948 he graduated from the Sverdlovsk arts. Uch-shche, in 1954 - Leningrad. In-t painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin. In 1954–65, 1973–83 he lived and worked in Chel. Creativity Z. drawn to the heroic Vel. Otech War, a sculptor close citizens. orientation, which is reflected in the portrait genre: “J. Nehru ”(1955),“ Portrait of a collective farmer Ulagasov ”(1959),“ Portrait of the Bulgarian metallurgist Kirill Bogdanov ”(1963),“ Portrait of the Hero of the Soviet Union A. Chislov ”(1965),“ Fireman V. Novoselov ”(1974),“ Assemblers ”(1977); as well as in the monument. Sculptures: monuments to Lenin (Chel., 1959), Kalinin (Kyshtym, 1962), Redikortsev (Kopeisk, 1962), “The first builders of Magnitka” (Magnitogorsk, 1963), “The Tale of the Urals” (Chel., 1967), “Katyusha ”(Pers., 1975),“ Glory to the brave ”(Chel., 1983). Elected in tsp. Board CHOSH RSFSR. Member of the All-Union. competition for the best project memory. VI Lenin for Chel. Member reg. and mountains. exhibitions in people. and Volgograd (1954), as well as the All-Union. and rep. arts. exhibitions held in Moscow and other cities of the country. Since 1983 lives in Evpatoria (Ukraine).

V.I. Titov

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