Russia • 1729−1800

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Vallin de Lamothe Jean Baptiste Michel.

Arrived in Russia in 1759, at the invitation of Eve.IV. Shuvalov and the same year became a lecturer at the Academy of arts architecture. Participated in the building of the Imperial Academy of arts (1764-1772.). A teacher of many Russian architects. In 1765, appointed member of the Board. In 1769 - assistant Professor-rector for part of the architecture. In 1775, he retired and went home with a pension 400 RUB. so that "he be looking for academic retirees sent to France". In 1793, the pension was terminated "on the occasion of the High command not to have relations with France." Known for its construction KRO Academy of fine arts: the Old Hermitage, the Catholic Church of St. Catherine, the guest house, "New Holland" and others.


La Mothe (Vallin-Delamothe), Jean-Baptiste-Michel (1729 - 1800) was a French architect, the first Professor of architecture at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1759, invited Igor Shuvalov with a term of 3 years, for the position of architect at the University of Moscow and Academy of Arts. Living in St. Petersburg, La Mothe had served as an architect at the gentry cadet corps, he taught his specialty to his Pets consisted of the office buildings of palaces and gardens

Catherine II and followed the instructions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. With the opening of

St. Petersburg Academy of Arts has entered into a number of its teachers; in 1765, with its ceremonial "inauguration", was appointed a member of its Council. In 1776 he went to his home. They built in Moscow now defunct "new Board of foreign Affairs of the apartments and the archive", in St. Petersburg - the building of the old Hermitage, the Catholic Church of St. Catherine, of New Holland, in Honor of the Chernigov province - Church of the resurrection.

Holds a special place in the history of Russian architecture. Is the founder of Russian classicism.Came from a great family of Blondella architects. He entered the French Academy in Rome. 18 Jun 1759, arrived from Paris to St. Petersburg, the First master of classicism, his staunch supporter and promoter, the architect and teacher of the Academy of arts. Jean Baptiste Vallin De La Mothe,

coming from France, enriched Petersburg's largest trading building the arcade on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Sadovaya street. The majestic arch of the warehouses

on the island of New Holland has also built La Mothe. This masterpiece was captured in

many works by St. Petersburg artists, as one of the symbols of the city.

The small Hermitage on Nevsky prospect, 32-34,Church of St. Catherine with a huge

arch, de La Mothe started and completed Rinaldi. In his appearance - the handwriting of both

of the great masters. Academy of arts, with a Grand façade and rationally

planned buildings surrounding a large courtyard. It proudly lifted up

over the Neva facade clearly indicates the purpose of the building as a temple of art.

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