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Ermolaev (Denisov)

born in 1779

Biography and information


Information about living (and thus creativity) Peter Yermolayeva (Denisova) fit into three short sentences and therefore give reason to touch the two sides of artistic Affairs during the life of the artist.

It is known that young Peter Yermolaev became a graduate of the Academy of arts in 1785. By this time, the school has developed a strong system of training students. Five - year-old boy took in an Educational school of the Academy for a training period of 15 years. Pupils from 6 to 12 years of mastering the technical drawings and ornamental plaster heads. In the curriculum also included some General items. From 12 to 15 years of painted plaster figures and Nudes, were engaged in the basics of painting, studied architecture and drawing elements of the case. Of course, the children deprived of their talents in the visual business, with 12 years of education were transferred to the nearby to art and crafts. From 15 to 21 years students have been working in the life class, he studied composition and painting, studied perspective, antiquities, and copied the works of old masters in the Hermitage. In parallel they have been taught arithmetic, geometry, geography, Russian and French languages, Mineralogy and other Sciences, as well as music, dancing, Church singing. That is the fundamental training was P. Yermolaev, having been through it in 1800, a small gold medal and a diploma of the first degree for the program, "presents evening".

This means that a graduate of the Academy of fine arts painted scenery, did not prestige in those days that are in the initial stage of development towards painting. Years later, Russian landscape painting, surpassing the genres of portrait and historical painting reveal the world your uniqueness, power and beauty. Peter Ermolaev was one of the pioneers, though almost unnoticed among the domestic landscape.

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