Antonovich Kosyakov

Russia • 1866−1922

Biography and information

IGI (1890).

Served in the TSK, the Ministry of interior (1890-1898). Lecturer, School inspector foremen on the construction business. Lecturer, IIPS (1890), IGI (1893), the Mountain Institute (1894). The architect of the Mining Institute. Member of the Commission on technical education. Supernumerary member of the TSK, the Ministry of interior (1914). Schedule, watercolorist. The President Of society of artists "Mossanovski Mondays." (1910). Participant of a number of buildings You. A. Kosyakova.

1. The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. Krasnoye Selo, St. Suppa, 10. 1891.

2. Tombstone, Y. I. Kosyakova at the Novodevichy cemetery. Moskovsky prospect, 100. 1906 ?

3. Apartment house N. P. Demidov. Bolshoy Prospekt V. O., 50. 1910-1911. Together with G. A. Kosyakov.

4. The building of the Noble Assembly. Italyanskaya street 27 - M. 2 Sadovaya street. 1912-1914. Together with You. A. and G. A. Kazakovym.

Lit: Lit.: Baranovskiy. Vol. I. S. 167-168; Isachenko V. G. works of the brothers Kosanovich // SAL. 1981, N 6. S. 34-37.

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