Shakirdzhanovich Tagirov

United States • 1906−1978

Born in the village of Acusar,Tatarstan. He graduated from the Higher art and technical Institute-vkhutein (1925--1930).

In 1930-33 he taught the theory and practice of the font in the Moscow polygraphic Institute. Worked as an artist on font, artist books, posters, industrial graphics, decorative art.

F. S. Tagirov, who founded and for many years headed the Department of Tabor went to school in the twenties in VKhUTEMAS. With extensive knowledge and a broad Outlook, he has developed a wide range of issues for design of new typographic fonts and their production technologies at all stages in the process of development.

Tagirova has a priority in creating the country's first special fonts, graphic shapes, particularly Arabic, Indian, and Korean. He left a number of research papers on the theory of font and the history of the development of typography.

Tagirov enjoyed great prestige among artists, printing and publishing workers. No wonder many graphic artists called onsh "Tagirov Institute".

Participates in exhibitions since 1924. Letter of the Magistrate of the city of Leipzig. (1959)

In the early 60-ies his leg was amputated, but he continued to work until 1978.

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