Andreevna Bannikova

Russia • 1901−1972

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - made, name unknown. The training took place in the graphical Department. Awarded the title of graphic artist. (D. R. on the list WAH - 1904)

Born in Sarapul. Graduated from the Russian Academy of arts (1925-1930). Worked in font book and easel.

G. A. Bannikov has passed thorough the school as a graphic artist in the Leningrad Academy of arts in the 20-ies. Professor V. A. Levitsky, an expert on the history of font art which he taught the course art of typography at the Academy of fine arts, contributed to the fact that Bannikova in their creative intentions of trying to reveal the artistic value of a typographic font.

In his headset Bannikovskogo, on which she worked for many years on the basis of a careful study of the first Russian of Peter's time fonts and European fonts Renaissance Bannikova created the first original drawing of the Cyrillic font Antiquing type, designed for a set of fiction.

Bannikova theoretically and practically studied the problems of the comparative readability of the font and legibility of individual characters, which is reflected in its fonts Bannikovskogo, Baikonur, Kama. She has left several works on the theory and history of the font. He died in Moscow.

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