Antonovich Dombrovsky

Was educated at the Institute of civil ingerov. In 1895 was sent as a Junior engineer in the construction Department of the Nizhny Novgorod provincial government. Participated in the construction of the complex of buildings of the Russian trade and industrial exhibition of 1896, and other works on the transformation of the city: building a municipal theater, "restoring" the Dmitrievsky tower of the Kremlin. In 1903 he designs and builds in the forms of still only then establishing in Russia art Nouveau style house for the homeless Rukavishnikova (St. Figner, 32) and private house (St, 31). In 1906 he was appointed provincial architect. He restores one of the oldest monuments of the TRANS-Volga forest - stone Church in the village of rozhniv (1907), razrabatyvaet project wooden tent-roofed Church in the village of Krasny Yar (1908). In 1909 - 1914, he conducts capital repairs of buildings Arakcheyev case (the Kremlin, 2).

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